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Mar 17th, 2018, 8:46pm

Welcome to Ron Herron's
Collecting Mamiya 35mm Cameras Forum!

A continuation of the original Forum that started on January 15, 2001

This Forum was created to allow discussions related to the collection, use, repair and service of vintage Mamiya 35mm Film Cameras. It's also a place to show and discuss the images we create with them, digital uses for Mamiya lens, and lots more! Join us, and share in this great hobby! Guests are welcome to visit and view all discussions. However, in order to post a comment or picture you need to register as a Forum Member (it's free).

Your IP address will be checked for spamming prior to approval, but once registered, you'll be able to post responses to any topic, or start a new thread (links for starting a new thread are in each topic area).

When you post your pictures taken with 35mm Mamiya equipment (or lenses), please make them 72-100 dpi jpeg or gif images, and no more than 800 pixels wide, so no one has to scroll to see them (and so any of our friends still with slow connections don't need to go out for coffee while they wait for things to load)!

Other Links (if you go to one, please be sure to come back!)
My Main Web Site: Collecting Mamiya 35mm Cameras  
My Online Store: APERTURE !  
My Blog: Painting With Light  
Mamiya Manuals: Mamiya 35mm Instruction & Repair Manuals
Another Great Forum: The Camera Collector   
To Post Images: An Explanation of UBB Code

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